Rat Facts

An alarming fact is that 70% of Properties have rat activity present in their roof and walls.

Rodents are a major threat in today’s world. Rats and mice damage our buildings, gnaw on electrical and telecommunications wires, and can affect people mentally. But most importantly, rodents are a threat to our public health as they can transmit many diseases to humans, 50% of which can result in severe infections or death.

Most property owners/residents are unaware they even have a rat issue until it’s too late. Ignoring the problem can be costly financially and on your wellbeing.

Even worse when they are aware they stroll down to the hardware store, buy some rat bait and throw it in the manhole and think this will resolve the issue.

There’s a lot more to it than that if you want the problem gone.

Putting in place an effective rat baiting solution is more scientific than most people and pest control companies think.

DIY Rat Rid makes the scientific easy with no technical skills needed.

Just throwing a few rat baits in the roof and forgetting about it is like throwing money down the drain.

An effective eradication requires a strategic and targeted approach.