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Why are'nt my bait stations working

There could be several factors that may prevent the rat baiting treatment working effectively ?
One is if there are tree, branches or an other structure that are touching your roof. If the trunk of a tree, hedge etc is on a neighbours property any rats that may be using this tree etc as a pathway onto your roof then the rats might not be foraging in your property therefore not coming across your bait stations.

If this is the case then you should cut back/ remove any touch item so they are no touching the roof.

The only other possibility why your treatment isn't working is that the rat is a native bush rat which will not eat rat bait. If this were the case the only solution is to look at rat proofing the entry points which can be difficult and an expensive process.

How to calculate no. of bait station for 2 or more areas

Click on the link below and scroll to the bottom half of the page

Will i find dead rats in my garden or the bait stations ?

Generally NO. Once the rats eat the bait they will get a thirst and go and seek water elsewhere eg. drains, puddles etc but not pools as this is chlorinated or salt water.
Also it would be very rare to have a rat die in the roof, walls, floors etc.

How does the rat bait prediction tool work

A prediction on when each bait station needs to be inspected before all the rat bait is consumed is calculated based on the consumption of rat bait recorded at each inspection. Only once enough data is gathered will the tool display these predictions. The time frame on when your prediction begins varies on a case by case basis.
It is therefore important that you carry out inspections when you are requested via our notification alerts to activate the prediction tool as quickly as possible.

Is there a guarantee ?

No one will ever provide you with a guarantee and we are no different due to inadequate maintenance or other external factors unknown to us.. However what we can say is that our treatment method ensures you have the most superior and effective treatment available.

If after 1 month after installing the DIY treatment you feel the issue has not been resolved please reach out to us and we will endeavour to work with you for a satisfactory outcome.

In some case we will offer a full refund subject to the following conditions :
1. If you have contacted us between the 4th & 5th week post completing the
installation process of your delivered rat bait boxes and after some further
recommendation we are still unable to resolve your rat issue.
2. That the goods are returned in the same condition as was delivered.
3. Returned shipping fee is the responsibility of the sender.
4. Any partially eaten baits that are returned will be replace at our end and a $5
replacement fee/bait. will be deducted from the refund total.

Why is rat bait maintenance so important ?

Using our DIY Kits will deal with the rat activity currently present in your property but unless you ensure there is always rat bait present in the rat bait stations other rat activity that is present around you area rats may once again find their way back into your property. Rat bait maintenance will ensure there is alway rat bait in the rat bait stations which will provide ongoing protection from unwanted rat activity in your property.
The frequency of these inspections varies on each an every property subject to how much activity is in your area. This is where our rat bait predictor tool will help. Because the rat bait consumption rate will vary from bait station to bait station the predictor will only notify you which one of there bait stations need to be inspected rather than having to check all of them all the time.

Imagine how much this maintenance would cost if you engaged a Pest Control Company to look after this? The answer is hundreds to thousands of $$/year.

Why can i treat rat activity on my property more effective than pest control companies ?

Most Pest Control Companies tend to provide inadequate rat bait treatment. The reason for this is that they actually want the problem to continue so that you keep calling them back. This is how they ensure an ongoing revenue stream for their business. Doing the treatment yourself with our DIY Kits ensures you have adequate treatment in place to resolve the issue.

What is the difference between hardware bait and your bait ?

Rat bait purchased from hardwares is a domestic quality bait whereas the rat bait purchased through DIY Rat Rid is a commercial grade quality eliminating the possibility of rat having immunity unlike domestic grade quality rat bait

Why are the bait stations placed around the building structure at the ground level ?

Placing the bait stations in this location will deal with any rat activity from the ground up whereas placing bait in the roof only deals with rat activity in the roof space itself.

Is this type of treatment safe for children & pets ?

The rat bait is protected by the tamper-proof bait stations

How long does it take to get rid of the rats ?

Generally the rat baiting treatment will take effect in the first 10 days but can take up to 1 month

How can i tell if the activity i hear is rats or possums?

Possums are never in a roof, walls or ceilings between the hours of 11pm - 3am. If you activity is heard during these times it is rat activity. Also rat a generally chewy or scratchy noises where possums are thumpy and heavy sounds

Do i need any tools or equipment ?

Absolutely Nothing. You only need tools and fasteners if you choose to secure bait boxes to the side of a walls etc which we do recommend to ensure the bait stations do not fill up with leaves etc plus snails.

Do the diy kits provide protection for my home/building as well as the property itself ?

We suggest protecting your home is sufficient in most cases however if full eradication to the entire property is desired
then when using using the calculator tool you need to draw the perimeter boundaries of your home/building plus the properties boundaries as well. Refer to the link below